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Harshal Gajjar

  • 2 successive awesome days!

    By harshalgajjar

    On 2016-07-02 00:30:35

    I'm writing this post past midnight, and so by previous two days I mean 30th June and 1st July.

    Yes.. on 30th JEE advanced results were announced and I got a seat in IIT. (For those who don't know.. IIT stands for Indian Institute of Technology) and 1st of July was awesome not only because Parth Sarkango celebrated his birthday but also because I completed developing my basic control panel for this blog.

    Now, I can edit, create and delete posts without having to open phpMyAdmin (which to be frank I never did except while writing the first post!) That's such a great feeling!
    I'm so excited about this .. I'll come to it a bit later.
    While writing my first post I could have used my control panel (which I refer to as AdminArea - AA) but because my code ran into a problem whenever I used quotes in my post.

    Fortunately before writing this blog post I had resolved the issue and so I can place in as many quotes as I want, see: '"'"...
    Anyways, goodbye for now. It's too late 12:30am now. :)

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