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Harshal Gajjar

  • Life at IIT Dharwad, after a year

    By harshalgajjar

    On 2017-04-28 18:29:13

    After welding, celebrating Holi, creating IIT Dharwad's website, completing CS 213, getting access to 100mbps internet, learning that fools exist everywhere, going under a bus, eating several raw mangoes, getting an opportunity to design a logo for my institute, assembling a telescope and seeing the rings of Saturn and craters of moon, seeing Shruti dance and Rishin sing, going for rafting at Dandeli, teaching a class for the first time, trying to make our own Badminton court, losing stage fear, bowling for the first time, creating a portal for Hostel complaints, creating Laundrimer, all I can say is that time spent at IIT Dharwad was enjoyed thoroughly.

    Two semesters gone, juniors to arrive, new hostels being renovated. Fluid mechanics lab being made, measurements lab being made, I'm loving this place.

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    lake in IIT Dharwad campusLake in IIT Dharwad campusHolika Dahan at IIT DharwadHolika Dahan at IIT DharwadAstronomy club setting up telescopeAstronomy club setting up telescopeHoli celebration at IIT DharwadHoli celebration at IIT DharwadWe assembling the telescopeWe assembling the telescopeBeing TA this was the first batch of students for whom I took tutorialsBeing TA this was the first batch of students for whom I took tutorialsCOD in lab the whole nightCOD in lab the whole nightArt session, cup paintingArt session, cup paintingSunset from hostelSunset from hostelHostel HostelTeacher's day celebrationsTeacher's day celebrationsWhen canteen openedWhen canteen openedUsing city busUsing city busmoonmoon - astronomy clubfield visit to Dharwad bus depotfield visit to Dharwad bus depotmonsoonmonsoonMangoes everywhere in the campusMangoes everywhere in the campusphysics labphysics labField visit to Dharwad bus depotField visit to Dharwad bus depotWelding in the workshopWelding in the workshopField visit to loomField visit to loomBudding scientist silhouetteBudding scientist silhouette Dharwad marketDharwad marketrafting at Dandelirafting at DandeliSunset at campusSunset at campus

    There were many other events, activities and what not which unfortunately I couldn't attend...

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