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Harshal Gajjar

  • Introducing - Laundrimer, your wardrobe inventory tracker!

    By harshalgajjar

    On 2016-12-10 03:48:32

    A survey conducted by me & my team found out that about 1 in every 8 students in our hostel have had moments when they were not having something crucial in their wardrobe and they realised it just before the deciding moment. We believe this is the scenario in most colleges.

    We're pretty sure if you're in a hostel and have a goal in life, you just wouldn't like to spend time on something other than your goal and definitely not on tracking your wardrobe inventory!

    So, we're glad to introduce Laundrimer - Your wardrobe inventory tracker.

    Setting it is damn easy and once set, it automatically tracks how many usable jeans, shirts, coats, ... you have, everyday. It's smart enough to remind you to wash clothes before you run out. In case you have a laundry facility in your hostel, you can click and upload photos of clothes to avoid misplacements.

    Its intuitive home page quantifies everything in your wardrobe, whenever you open it. that nothing can hide beneath the large coat inside! :D

    Laundrimer user panel
    Once I woke up, had shower, and then realised I had no underpants in my wardrobe. Fortunately it was a holiday and so I was in my towel for a few hours. Now I'm worry free, thanks to Laundrimer.
    Laundrimer user

    By the way, bought a new pair of jeans? Updating Laundrimer is just a click away.

    Click here to get starter with Laundrimer without any cost!

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