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Harshal Gajjar

  • Life at IIT Dharwad, after a month

    By harshalgajjar

    On 2016-09-11 02:13:47

    Follow up: Life at IIT Dharwad, after a year

    First of all - IIT Dharwad students are the luckiest among all the founding batch students in 2016, we have awesome infrastructure (thanks to Walmi) and best teachers in India (thanks to IITB).

    From a pessimistic IITDH student's perspective:
    Initially we're not having internet in the campus, now fortunately our lab computers are connected to the world. Wifi routers in the hostel have not been configured to work 24x7 yet. Almost all geysers were not working initially, fortunately the number reduced to 0 the day before. Washing clothes is still a problem. One 6.5L machine for some 106 boys and one for some 10 girls. At times you'll see students leaving to get washed clothes at 12:30 am. Library was not there initially, after a month we atleast have a reading room with several books. Dharwad being a bet away from the transit campus, getting stuff is a bit challenging. Now we have a table for tablets tennis which came a week after month. We also have volleyballs, basketballs and footballs but without court/fields.

    From an optimistic IITDH student's perspective:
    Come on, IITB faculty teaching shadows all the all the drawbacks (if any). Staying away from internet for a few days was too relaxing. Hot water may not be available everywhere, but cold water is everywhere. Faulty geysers made us realize this. Now we can have shower in all bathrooms with/without hot water supply. Washing clothes manually takes time, now (probably) several students have a proper timetable to manage time. Reading room is quiet and that's awesome! We now have a different place to have fun (hostel) and study (reading room)! Dharwad being a bit away, we now plan our visits properly to complete all the tasks in one go, also our shopping lists are more elaborate to minimise number of visits! We all can jog for longer durations, thanks to NSO.

    To conclude: Going to a new IIT has several advantages and disadvantages. Which ones to highlight really depends on the person. For me, IIT Dharwad was probably the best decision. I'm enjoying the journey. And also, I'm so lucky to see IIT formation process.

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