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Harshal Gajjar

  • Silly cheap mentality definition

    By harshalgajjar

    On 2018-03-25 14:13:42

    Our IIT is a small one, new one, with only 240 students as of now. But 240 * 100 billion neurons can produce a wide range of people. Some of them consider themselves to be far superior than others. Someone told me this:

    there are some who fight for equal rights while there are some who in the name of fighting for equal rights actually demand more than what others get.
    It's painful to know how selfish people can be but that is how the world is, in reality they don't understand what Hawkings said, and live in their "bubble of self praise" obviously developed by peers. Surprisingly no one here believes in collective humanity development. The thing is, local optimisation may not always lead to global optimisation.

  • What does being a fool mean?

    By harshalgajjar

    On 2017-11-13 00:49:24

    If you're good at something but are still waiting thinking what others might think then you're a fool.

    If you stop doing what you were good at because of others' reaction then you're a fool.

    If you consider others' negative opinion before doing something which you know you're good at then you're a fool.

    If you've realised that you're a fool then you're a smaller fool now.

  • Life at IIT Dharwad, after a year

    By harshalgajjar

    On 2017-04-28 18:29:13

    After welding, celebrating Holi, creating IIT Dharwad's website, completing CS 213, getting access to 100mbps internet, learning that fools exist everywhere, going under a bus, eating several raw mangoes, getting an opportunity to design a logo for my institute, assembling a telescope and seeing the rings of Saturn and craters of moon, seeing Shruti dance and Rishin sing, going for rafting at Dandeli, teaching a class for the first time, trying to make our own Badminton court, losing stage fear, bowling for the first time, creating a portal for Hostel complaints, creating Laundrimer, all I can say is that time spent at IIT Dharwad was enjoyed thoroughly.

    Two semesters gone, juniors to arrive, new hostels being renovated. Fluid mechanics lab being made, measurements lab being made, I'm loving this place.

  • 2 ways of updating information

    By harshalgajjar

    On 2017-03-31 22:37:07

    Statistical data like water level in wells can be updated in two ways, and unfortunately in both the cases you would say "updated every 21 days".

    Say you have 83 wells, and want to keep your database updated... Hence you start collecting data. This collection could have been done in two ways:

    1. Visit 83/21 wells every day
    2. Visit all the wells every 21st day

    2nd one most probably requires more technological advancement.

    I would be glad if someone tells me what are the names given to both the ways of updating information.

  • Friendship dilemma

    By harshalgajjar

    On 2017-02-14 02:25:09

    A few days back a few friends of mine went to city (my college is situated in the outskirts) for lunch.

    I couldn't join them because I had some tasks pending. After they left I remembered that I had to purchase a scale and a folder. So, I decided to call them after sometime, i.e. after they reach the destination. As decided, I messaged one of my friend the above list. He straightaway replied "no" just after reading the message. I knew the reason which being - because I had not joined.

    This led me wonder what kind of friendship this is?A true friend would help in all situations... but then he would also like to have my company...

  • When is 50 cycles per second not equal to 25 cycles per half second [perspective]

    By harshalgajjar

    On 2017-01-15 00:18:21

    I've started a new section called Perspective on my blog in which I will be posting answers to random questions to which answers I thought obvious were false... Here goes my first post in this section:

    Till day before yesterday I used to think that something happening 50 times a second would happen 25 times every half second. This was pretty obvious to not only me but also several of my friends, but it turns out this isn't necessarily true.

    Let's suppose I have a bell which rings 10 times in the first second, doesn't ring in the second second (haha), then rings 10 times in the third, then again doesn't ring in the next, this goes on... (till? comment below)

    So, basically this bell shows a 2 second cyclicity, i.e. 1 cycle every two second.But because the bell rings only in the second half of the cycle, I can't really say that it completes half cycle every two second.

    Let's explore the reason a bit more:
    If my friend Parth is a sound editor and I happen to recreate the sound of the bell I have. I go to him and tell him that my bell rings 10 times every 2 seconds (which is correct) and walk back home.
    Next day he calls me and I visit his store again. But I realise that the track doesn't sound like the bell. The track "rang" 5 times every second, i.e. half a cycle every second.

    By now it probably is clear that 10 cycles* every 2 seconds is NOT always equal to 5 cycles* every 1 second.

    This though made me do a bit of research, on 2 units - hertz and becquerel, which ended when I read the following:

    The rate at which aperiodic or stochastic events occur may be expressed in becquerels (as in the case of radioactive decay), not hertz, since although the two are mathematically similar by convention hertz implies regularity where becquerels implies the requirement of a time averaging operation. Thus, 1 Bq is 1 event per second on average whereas 1 hertz is 1 event per second on a regular cycle.

    See you in the comments. :)

    *Oxford Dictionary, Merriam Webster, and don't mention that the cycles must be evenly distributed with respect to time

  • Introducing - Laundrimer, your wardrobe inventory tracker!

    By harshalgajjar

    On 2016-12-10 03:48:32

    A survey conducted by me & my team found out that about 1 in every 8 students in our hostel have had moments when they were not having something crucial in their wardrobe and they realised it just before the deciding moment. We believe this is the scenario in most colleges.

    We're pretty sure if you're in a hostel and have a goal in life, you just wouldn't like to spend time on something other than your goal and definitely not on tracking your wardrobe inventory!

    So, we're glad to introduce Laundrimer - Your wardrobe inventory tracker.

    Setting it is damn easy and once set, it automatically tracks how many usable jeans, shirts, coats, ... you have, everyday. It's smart enough to remind you to wash clothes before you run out. In case you have a laundry facility in your hostel, you can click and upload photos of clothes to avoid misplacements.

    Its intuitive home page quantifies everything in your wardrobe, whenever you open it. that nothing can hide beneath the large coat inside! :D

    Laundrimer user panel
    Once I woke up, had shower, and then realised I had no underpants in my wardrobe. Fortunately it was a holiday and so I was in my towel for a few hours. Now I'm worry free, thanks to Laundrimer.
    Laundrimer user

    By the way, bought a new pair of jeans? Updating Laundrimer is just a click away.

    Click here to get starter with Laundrimer without any cost!

  • Life at IIT Dharwad, after a month

    By harshalgajjar

    On 2016-09-11 02:13:47

    Follow up: Life at IIT Dharwad, after a year

    First of all - IIT Dharwad students are the luckiest among all the founding batch students in 2016, we have awesome infrastructure (thanks to Walmi) and best teachers in India (thanks to IITB).

    From a pessimistic IITDH student's perspective:
    Initially we're not having internet in the campus, now fortunately our lab computers are connected to the world. Wifi routers in the hostel have not been configured to work 24x7 yet. Almost all geysers were not working initially, fortunately the number reduced to 0 the day before. Washing clothes is still a problem. One 6.5L machine for some 106 boys and one for some 10 girls. At times you'll see students leaving to get washed clothes at 12:30 am. Library was not there initially, after a month we atleast have a reading room with several books. Dharwad being a bet away from the transit campus, getting stuff is a bit challenging. Now we have a table for tablets tennis which came a week after month. We also have volleyballs, basketballs and footballs but without court/fields.

    From an optimistic IITDH student's perspective:
    Come on, IITB faculty teaching shadows all the all the drawbacks (if any). Staying away from internet for a few days was too relaxing. Hot water may not be available everywhere, but cold water is everywhere. Faulty geysers made us realize this. Now we can have shower in all bathrooms with/without hot water supply. Washing clothes manually takes time, now (probably) several students have a proper timetable to manage time. Reading room is quiet and that's awesome! We now have a different place to have fun (hostel) and study (reading room)! Dharwad being a bit away, we now plan our visits properly to complete all the tasks in one go, also our shopping lists are more elaborate to minimise number of visits! We all can jog for longer durations, thanks to NSO.

    To conclude: Going to a new IIT has several advantages and disadvantages. Which ones to highlight really depends on the person. For me, IIT Dharwad was probably the best decision. I'm enjoying the journey. And also, I'm so lucky to see IIT formation process.

  • PostPublish released!

    By harshalgajjar

    On 2016-07-29 23:04:34

    PostPublish is a CMS which can transform any static website into a blog with an intuitive interface to manage everything. It's quite simple to install as well.

    At present I'm the only developer, but I really wish to work in a team, contact me surely if you're interested.

    So why did I develop this? Just to make the HTML themes on the Web a bit more useful... And also because I had a lot of free time.

    Download here:

  • What just happened

    By harshalgajjar

    On 2016-07-25 01:10:54

    I spent my last hour writing a (bit long) post here, but since the default timeout is 24 minutes in my case...

    My session had expired, and so when I clicked on publish, my website said Authentication failed and took me to the login page.
    I lost my post. Unfortunately I was using my phone which I don't know why doesn't show up values in input boxes on clicking "back" button, unlike my MacBook.

    I hope to fix it in a few hours.

    OH I'm so much frustrated at the moment.

  • First Javascript App deployed!

    By harshalgajjar

    On 2016-07-16 14:32:47

    So yes, I'm learning javascript at the moment.

    Cause PHP lacks power. You need to refresh pages a lot, increasing server load and eating more bandwidth.
    With Javascript I will have the power to create dynamic pages which refresh without refreshing!

    Why not jQuery?

    Because I don't want to be dependent on libraries

    First JS app: RGB lab

    It's my first Javascript project which takes RGB values from users and then sets the page's background colour. It also has a button to randomise the RGB values which allows users to discover new colours including Magenta1, which is absent in the spectrum of light! I've also used HTML5 <canvas> tag to create a pie chart which represents RGB proportions visually. The code is available on my GitHub page

    Check out now!

    Check out now!

    Have any suggestions? Comment below!

  • 2 successive awesome days!

    By harshalgajjar

    On 2016-07-02 00:30:35

    I'm writing this post past midnight, and so by previous two days I mean 30th June and 1st July.

    Yes.. on 30th JEE advanced results were announced and I got a seat in IIT. (For those who don't know.. IIT stands for Indian Institute of Technology) and 1st of July was awesome not only because Parth Sarkango celebrated his birthday but also because I completed developing my basic control panel for this blog.

    Now, I can edit, create and delete posts without having to open phpMyAdmin (which to be frank I never did except while writing the first post!) That's such a great feeling!
    I'm so excited about this .. I'll come to it a bit later.
    While writing my first post I could have used my control panel (which I refer to as AdminArea - AA) but because my code ran into a problem whenever I used quotes in my post.

    Fortunately before writing this blog post I had resolved the issue and so I can place in as many quotes as I want, see: '"'"...
    Anyways, goodbye for now. It's too late 12:30am now. :)

  • My first blog post!

    By harshalgajjar

    On 2016-06-30 16:00:16

    Hello everyone! I've created a blog to share my work, to express my views and thoughts, and to ... actually improve my english.
    Creating this blog was a wonderful journey. I've learnt quite a lot of things.

    The best quote I've heard till date is

    "The minute that you understand that you can poke life and actually something will, you know if you push in, something will pop out the other side, that you can change it, you can mold it. ... Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again."
    -Steve Jobs
    Watch him say here:

    Those words are .. oh god.. so magical..